Rap / Hip Hop

Christmas Message 2014: Sleaford Mods!

19 Jan , 2015  

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Rapping from CYNE to Akin Yai

13 Dec , 2014  

Rapping from CYNE to Akin Yai by PAULINE on Oct 29, 2014 • 1 Akin comes from many places. Before settling in in Paris, the rapper lived in Benin, Nigeria, and America. It’s over there, in Gainesville, Florida, that Akin met CYNE members, producers Speck, Enoch and MC Cise Star. But before this was all […]

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ESOL by Akinlola Yai

5 Dec , 2014  

Keith, Lippok, Jean-Michel <iframe src="//player xenical buy online.vimeo.com/video/57066384″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”> KLJM “ESOL” from Joan Guasch on Vimeo. Born in Ouidah,Benin (West Africa) Akinlola Yai spent his early childhood years migrating back and forth from Benin republic to Nigeria. Akinlola moved to America at 8yrs old and at the height of the golden year […]

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